Rethink Nation is the bridge between recycling and philanthropy by offering
a unique opportunity to fundraise for a cause, make a positive impact on the planet,
and help those less fortunate in this country and abroad.


Sneakers are about 80% petroleum and take 50 years before they begin to break down and decompose. When that happens, benzene and other carcinogenic chemicals are released into our water, soil and atmosphere. Rethink Nation created a way to keep these sneakers out of landfills while making a difference in the lives of others. The process is simple, we provide the supplies and cover the shipping, and you select the cause and collect the sneakers. Change the world today and Pledge Your Threads.



200 million pairs of sneakers are left in U.S. landfills every year - most of which can be reused. Rethink Nation depends on the support of volunteers and ambassadors who hold the collections on behalf of their charity of choice. If you have more than 20 pair to donate, we will provide the supplies for your collection and cover the cost of shipping. Once received the sneakers are sorted and sold as part of the Affordable Clothing Market. The charity you chose will receive up to $1 per pair depending on the quality of the sneakers.

Less than 20 pair but you still want your donations to go to a good cause? You can either send us your sneakers or find a drop off location near you.


As Rethink Nation continues to grow we anticipate having donation bins in every city from coast-to-coast where we can collect all textiles and raise money for charitable causes. If you want to learn more about how you can earn extra money or become an entrepreneur by placing donation bins, contact us here.

If you have over 20 pair of sneakers to donate, all you have to do is box them up, follow this link, and request a pick up. We will email you a mailing label and all you do is tape it to the box, leave the box out front on the requested date and FedEx will come by to pick it up.

If you have less than 20 pair but still want to give to a great cause, you can mail your donations to:

Rethink Nation
90 Dayton Ave. B11
Passaic, NJ 07055


200 million pair of sneakers each year end up in U.S. landfills and most have life left in them. Men, women and children in developing nations walk barefoot in the streets because they are unable to afford proper footwear. Rethink Nation facilitates the collection of these sneakers and textiles on behalf of different charities and works with distributors to sell the sneakers as part of the affordable clothing market in developing nations. We donate a percentage from the sale of each pair to the charity of your choosing.



If you would like to start a sneaker collection for your charity or organization the first step is to become a beneficiary. All you have to do is click on the green arrow above, watch the short video and fill out the form to let us know you are interested. From there one of our team members will contact you shortly. It's that easy!


Volunteering for Rethink Nation allows your time to support multiple causes. Textile recycling keeps waste out of our landfills and toxins from our ecosystem. Your donated time allows us to offer the sneakers and clothing at affordable prices to those less fortunate in developing nations. All while raising money for charitable causes.

Start collecting sneakers on behalf of your favorite organization or learn how you can make money by recycling used clothing and household textiles.

Four simple steps for a million different reasons.

Step 1: Let us know you're interested
Step 2: Select a program
Step 3: Select a charity
Step 4: Start collecting

Each box can hold up to 30 pair of adult sneakers. Select a program based on your collection goals.

  1. Drop Box - We send you three boxes to fill at a time
  2. Ambassador - We send you ten boxes to fill at a time
  3. Event - Tell us about your event and we will help plan
  4. Other - Have an idea? Share with us!

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"An invisible thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances.
The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break." - Chinese Proverb

We make a difference by . . .

keeping sneakers out of landfills
Providing affordable footwear to those in need
Preventing disease
Creating jobs
Supporting causes to better the world

We are all connected and its our passion to change the world, one thread at a time.


  • 100,000 donated sneakers saves 715 cubic meters of landfill space

  • Sneakers are made up of about 80% petroleum that goes into air, water, and soil

  • Textile recycling provides about 17,000 jobs every year

  • Provides affordable and wearable, usable clothing in developing nations - over 70% of the world's population uses second-hand clothes.

  • Creating jobs in US and third world nations and opportunity for philanthropy

You can make a difference too. Start a collection in your community or find a location where you can donate your gently used clothing and shoes. Make a difference in the lives of millions and let someone in need walk a mile in your shoes.


Rethink Nation paves the way for future philanthropists by offering a unique opportunity to fundraise for a cause, leave an environmental impact on our planet while providing affordable textile necessities to those less fortunate in this country and abroad. Our recycling program currently benefits three countries.


The majority of donations we receive come from the United States. Rethink Nation gives back to U.S. based charities selected by those donating. We are keeping U.S. landfills clean while providing jobs from coast-to-coast.


The recycled textiles are prepared and sent to Honduras where they are sorted, graded and prepared for sale in the affordable clothing market. This allows Rethink Nation to provide jobs and stability to those less fortunate.


Once the donations are sorted they are sold in flea markets and bazaars as affordable clothing and textiles. This allows men, women and children in Africa the opportunity to have proper clothing, footwear and household items at reasonable cost.


100,000 donated sneakers saves 715 cubic meters of landfill space.

Sneakers are made up of about 80% petroleum and take over 50 years to start breaking down - Up to 1000 years to degrade

Textile recycling provides about 17,000 jobs every year.

The US generates 82 lbs of waste textiles per person every year, only 12 lbs are recycled leaving 70 lbs to be hauled off to landfills.

An estimated 14.3 million tons of textiles were generated in 2012 or 5.7% of total solid waste generation.

The recovery rate of all textiles was only 15.7% in 2012.

In the US,75% of pre-consumer textile waste is recycled by
manufacturers,but only 15% of post-consumer waste is recycled.

One in four American women own seven pairs of jeans but only wear
four of them regularly.

Over 70% of the world's population uses second-hand clothes.

Nearly 100% of donated textiles are recycled. The materials are separated
into three grades.

  • Usable Clothing (45%)
  • Wiping Cloth Grades (30%)
  • Fiber Conversion Grades (21%)


Rethink Nation offers unique advertising options where your brand will receive millions of impressions, while being seen making an environmental footprint and supporting charitable causes.


  • Get seen on a national level or geo-target where your ads will be placed.
  • Showcase your business with a unique advertising platform.
  • Make a "Green" statement and leave an environmental impact.
  • Provides thousands of jobs in this country and abroad.

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